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When you head out on vacation this year you may take some precautions when you are walking down the street or dancing at a local club in the evening, but for all too many people, the thought of safety at the hotel is something that tends to slip the mind entirely. The hotel is, after all, the last thing you need to worry about while you’re on vacation. Right? Absolutely not! The hotel is the first place you need to worry about when you arrive on vacation and the following tips will help you stay safe during your stay.


Hotel Cleanliness. The first thing you need to do when you walk into your room is check everything. This does not mean to take a look around and see that the comforter on the bed looks nice or that the little coffee packets or utensils are neatly stacked on the sink. No, this means that you need to look very closely for things like bugs, rodent droppings or even lip prints or fingerprints on the glassware. While housekeeping is supposed to make sure everything is clean and fresh, it is a well-known fact that not everything will always get nearly as clean as it should. More often than not, the blankets on the bed have not been washed between guests, even in 5 star hotels.


Glasses may look clean to the housekeeper when they stack them away in the cabinet or on the counter top, but a close inspection will often find the tell-tale sign that the room has just been cleaned very well at all. If you find anything out of place, be sure to call the front desk immediately and request that someone either cleans it or that the clerk moves you to a new room. If you move, be sure to inspect the new room as well. Always wash your hands when you stay at a hotel. No matter how clean the room may appear, germs will be lurking. It is a good idea to stash a few alcohol wipes as well as hand sanitizer in your luggage to use when you arrive at the hotel. There is nothing at all wrong with taking a little time to wipe surface areas down with a cleaning agent.


Take Security Seriously

Once you walk through the front door of the hotel, it will often slip your mind that while you may be vacationing in paradise, bad people do live in all environments and security should always be on your mind. Then hotel may have a great security guard standing in the lobby, smiling at guests and chit chatting with the hotel desk clerk. This does not mean that the same Officer Friendly will be able to see all the way to the fifth floor when the obnoxious drunk man two doors down attempts to walk in to your suite in the middle of the night. Nor will he see the rambunctious teens as they try to vandalize your room in the middle of the day while you are taking a dip in the swimming pool downstairs.


If you will be out of your room for an extended period of time, be sure to leave the television on or turn on the radio so that people can hear noise through the door if they should happen to knock. When you are inside of the room, always lock the door to prevent anyone from walking in on you. If you plan to leave the hotel grounds, let the front desk know where you will be and also try to let someone that you know personally know as well. If something were to happen while you are away, it will make it much easier to contact you or locate you personally.


Watch Your Hands

If you are a frequent traveler, chances are that you may have quite a little stash of tiny little shampoos, conditioners and even mouthwash that have all been taken from the hotels you have stayed in. Hotels expect their guests to take these items as they are actually a great way to advertise the hotel name when guests go home. Some people take much larger items and this is a definite no-no. That plush robe you have worn around the room all week may be the softest robe you have ever worn or the fluffy towels may be great, but taking those items from the room is stealing and stealing not only leads to possible legal charges but can be very expensive as well. Many hotels know how their guests love the towels, robes or linens and they now offer to sell them in the gift shops or on the room service menu. If you want to take your robe home, be sure to check and see if it is available for sale and if it is, grab your charge card and buy one!


Keeping It Safe

Something very important to keep in mind is that the hotel will probably have a safe in the room. The safe is not just an accessory to make the room look nice Take advantage of this item and be sure to use it for important papers or jewelry when you need to leave the room. There is nothing more important than your personal safety when you are on vacation and making sure that you do everything possible to keep your hotel room safe is the most important thing when traveling.
Check it Out

We all know to check the room before we leave a hotel yet no matter how many times you may glance around, it is very easy to leave something important behind to never be seen again. Before you leave the room, check it out and then, check again. Check the bathroom and be sure to check the sides of the tub as well as behind the commode. Many people have lost valuable jewelry when it has dropped on the bathroom floor of their hotel room and they don’t think about it until they are thousands of miles away and it is too late to look for it. The most forgotten item that people leave behind in a hotel room is the charger to their phone or computer. It is easy to remember this items when your phone is going dead and you still have five hours to travel until you are home.


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